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3.00" Boost Leak Tester Kit

3.00" Boost Leak Tester Kit
3.00" Boost Leak Tester Kit

Model:  BLTK3


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The best way to check for boost leaks is to pressurize the entire intake. We now offer an easy solution for quickly and thoroughly locating boost leaks.

The basic tool attaches to any turbocharger inlet and features a 1/4″ NPT tapped port to allow the user to connect regulated shop air (30 psi maximum) using your favorite air fitting. Once you have the intake pressurized, all you have to do is listen for leaks and spray suspected leaking points with a soap-sud solution to find them. After isolating and correcting all boost leaks, you will find increased turbocharger response, cleaner exhaust, and more power!

Includes the billet aluminum plug, boot and both TBolt clamps.

***Any covers or pipes in the picture are NOT included in the kit.***

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