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21 Jul Big Sexy: Derrick Barney’s 1,100 HP Fourth-Gen
Mike McGlothlin 0 324
Big Sexy: Derrick Barney’s 1,100 HP Fourth-Gen Time flies when you’re having fun, and for Derrick Barney the past four years have flown by.  After installing our 2nd Gen Single Turbo Swap, running our 5-blade S472 and T-4 24-valve exhaust manifo..
15 Jul Diesel World Drags, Round 2 Recap
Mike McGlothlin 0 89
Diesel World Drags, Round 2 Recap: Bottom 5’s Consistency & 150-MPH Trap SpeedsIt was another successful weekend for Stainless Diesel’s Pro Street race team. Not only did driver Johnny Gilbert string together consistent low 5-second passes in rout..
27 Apr USPS Delays during COVID-19
urgirlamy 0 161
The United States Postal Service issued an 'Industry Alert' April 17, 2020COVID-19 CONTINUITY OF OPERATIONS UPDATEExpected Delivery Changes for Priority Mail andFirst-Class Package ServicesU.S. Postal Service Priority Mail products and First-Class pa..
22 May The story of an event thru photography
urgirlamy 0 246
Ever find yourself looking thru a set of event photographs and find yourself 'feeling' the feel of being there, in the moment?  Since we are racers (Johnny), and we are pullers (Trevor) & we are diesel family - we have a different connection with the..
16 May DHD runs Triple 5 Blade Mafia turbos
urgirlamy 0 304
Dirty Hooker Diesel runs TRIPLE 5 Blade Mafia Turbos at the Ultimate Call Out Challenge 2018.  Need more information to complete post... See gallery here. ..
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