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03 Dec American Outlaw: Brandon Overmyer’s Cummins-Swapped Monster Truck Build
Mike McGlothlin 0 2712
When you grow up around monster trucks, you might just end up building your own as an adult. Like a lot of kids, Brandon Overmyer was exposed to monster trucks at an early age—and now it’s his turn to play with the real thing. “My parents had a lea..
04 Nov Partners In Speed: Stainless & Sun Coast
Mike McGlothlin 0 1669
Behind every successful race team, there are equally successful sponsors. For five years, we’ve been racing the ODSS Pro Street class. In that time, we’ve set several records and won three championships, including our most recent title just a few wee..
27 Sep Livin’ The Dream: Daniel Green’s Nomadic, Drag Racing Lifestyle
Mike McGlothlin 0 1691
They don’t come any more dyed in the wool than Daniel Green. In the fall of 2019, he freed himself of all immobile possessions and set out to pursue his passion for diesel drag racing. He sold his house, bought a short bed second-gen as a rolling c..
13 Sep SDX Recap: A Well-Executed Plan Leads To Consistency, A New Record, And A Win
Mike McGlothlin 0 2676
We love it when a plan comes together, and everything clicked for us at this year’s Scheid Diesel Extravaganza. We got from A to B yet still lived in the 4’s—and we didn’t experience any breakage or have to lay under the truck in 95-degree heat. It..
20 Aug RTDS8 Recap: A Weekend Full Of Ups And Downs Somehow (Someway) Ends With A Win
Mike McGlothlin 0 1342
Although the Rocky Top Diesel Shootout has always been good to us, the Stainless team definitely had its work cut out for it this time around. After rolling into Tennessee’s Crossville Dragway on Thursday, we decided to swap the Turbo 400 transmiss..
17 Aug Making A Statement—Turba Tom’s Impressive Foray Into Pro Street
Mike McGlothlin 1 2146
Pro Street might be one of the elite categories in the world of diesel drag racing, but that doesn’t mean only a select few get to compete. Anyone and everyone is welcome—even those without a full-service diesel shop performing the build or providi..
06 Aug Turbo studs do they go short or long thread into manifold??
urgirlamy 0 1372
Q:  Do the turbo studs go short or long thread into the manifold?A: Short-threaded end goes into the manifold...
06 Aug Nathan Wheeler’s Crazy Horse Ford Joins The Ranks Of Pro Street
Mike McGlothlin 0 2315
Nathan Wheeler showed up to the Outlaw Diesel Revenge event unsure which class he would be racing in. He knew he could slow his Cummins-powered ’10 F-250 down enough to run 5.90, but ultimately he decided to enter the Crazy Horse Ford in Pro Street..
01 Jul Meet The Edwards: A Father-Son Race Team With Big Plans For Their LLY Duramax
Mike McGlothlin 0 1995
After hunting down the perfect truck to go drag racing with—a Duramax-powered regular cab 4x4 ’05 Silverado—father and son duo, Paul and Collin Edwards, took their new Chevy straight to the track and proceeded to run 8.0’s right out of the box. The..
01 Jun ODR Recap: A Hurt Engine, A Damaged Transmission—But Still In The 4’s
Mike McGlothlin 0 1221
Transmission issues, a hurt engine, and a loss in round 1 of eliminations wasn’t exactly the storybook ending we were hoping for at Outlaw Diesel Revenge. Unfortunately, the cards simply weren’t in our favor at Lucas Oil Raceway. But despite the pr..
29 Apr Rudy’s Recap: Kicking Off 2021 With a Win in Pro Street
Mike McGlothlin 0 1549
Starting the ODSS Pro Street points race right where we left off in 2020 proved a challenge at the season-opener, but the Stainless team hung tight and pulled together to take the win at Rudy’s Spring Truck Jam. The weather was inclement, the track w..
26 Mar Michael Dalton Is A Man On A 4-Second Mission
Mike McGlothlin 0 1658
4-second eighth-miles or bust. That’s the goal Michael Dalton, owner of RLC Motorsports in Cookeville, Tennessee, has set for himself and his Pro Street program for 2021. Chassis tweaks, a new shock package fromPRS, and a changeover to Hoosier slicks..
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