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07 Jan Making A 7.3L A Contender With Our 5-Blade S480
Mike McGlothlin 1 368
Just because you don’t see a lot of high-horsepower 7.3L Power Strokes doesn’t mean they’re not out there. We had the pleasure of supplying Dawson Hendricks the 5-blade S480 he’s running on his 2000 Super Duty—a truck that he plans to make 850-rwhp..
11 Dec Kicking Gas and Taking Names: Mindy Jackson and the “Old Hustle, New Flow” Ford
Mike McGlothlin 0 856
After winning back-to-back ODSS Pro Street championships in his Cummins-powered first-gen Ford Lightning, Dustin Jackson turned the keys over to his wife, Mindy, the very next season. Her experience in drag racing up to that time? Zero. Nada. None...
17 Nov Timing Is Everything: Our Diesel Racing Roots Date Back to 2006
Mike McGlothlin 0 337
Inspiration is a powerful thing. With enough of it, it can alter the course of your hobbies, your passion, and even your life. Back in the summer of 2006, Stainless Diesel founder, Johnny Gilbert, found himself at Milan Dragway taking in a race san..
13 Nov Big-Time Exposure With PDRA & Our Continuing Hunt For 4.70s
Mike McGlothlin 0 142
For the second year in a row, some of the fastest diesels in the nation were invited to the PDRA World Finals. So far, these exhibition races have been a tremendous way to get compression ignition out in front of the masses. This time, the invit..
05 Nov Chain Smoker: A Compound Turbo’d, Cummins-Powered ’47 Fargo Rat-Rod
Mike McGlothlin 0 173
Every project needs a name—a befitting title that captures the vehicle’s common theme—and Warwick Andrews hit the nail on the head with his rat-rod pickup. Ingeniously coined “Chain Smoker,” his ’47 Fargo FL1 is powered by a P-pumped 12-valve and wr..
21 Oct C-Tane: A Cummins-Swapped C10 Like You’ve Never Seen
Mike McGlothlin 0 411
When friend and fellow TV personality, Ian Johnson, offered Kevin Tetz of Hands On Cars the ISV 5.0L Cummins V-8 taking up space in the corner of the shop, Kevin’s C10 project instantly became anything but a run-of-the-mill repower.Ian (pointing at t..
06 Oct Mark Broviak and the World’s Fastest Allison-Shifted Truck
Mike McGlothlin 3 1024
From making variable geometry turbos do the impossible to taking an Allison transmission into the 8’s, Danville Performance’s Mark Broviak loves a good challenge. But to pull off the latter feat, he traded in his love of VGT’s for a fixed geometry un..
21 Sep 4.80s On Lock and Another Pro Street Title
Mike McGlothlin 0 389
Consecutive Pro Street points championships, a running joke that we’ve built a 4.8-second bracket truck, and an invite to race at the PDRA World Finals? Yeah, you could say we ended the 2020 season on a high-note. Despite a rainout at the Hardway..
14 Sep Common-Rail Killer: Adam Foltz’ 5.90 Index, P-pumped 24-Valve
Mike McGlothlin 1 600
Adam Foltz does things a little differently than most diesel drag racers these days. Instead of dropping a common-rail Cummins into his ’02 Dodge, his 5.90 class second-gen sports a P-pumped 24-valve. He has, however, embraced the big single turbo ..
07 Sep Talk To Me, Goose: Gecovey Coffman’s 2,200HP Pro Street Dodge
Mike McGlothlin 0 125
You don’t exactly need to sell Gecovey Coffman on our turbochargers. The owner of Coffman Customs has relied on 5-blade units in more than 10 different single, compound and triple-turbo arrangements over the years on his personal trucks, and he swear..
04 Sep SDX 2020 Recap: Setting Records and Persevering
Mike McGlothlin 0 169
The Stainless Diesel second-gen is officially the undisputed king of speed in Pro Street, having recently set new ET and trap speed records at the Scheid Diesel Extravaganza. It all started on Thursday after ECM guru, John Gilbert III, spiked the t..
25 Aug How To Make 100hp More Than The Competition
Mike McGlothlin 0 236
How do you beat the average 10mm pump and 45-percent over injector setup by more than 100 horsepower? You open up the cylinder head and feed it with a 5-blade turbo. After Lance Johnson combined our Supercore S468/83/1.0 charger and T-4 exhaust man..
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