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5 Blade S468 T-4 Turbo - Compounds Only

5 Blade S468 T-4 Turbo - Compounds Only
5 Blade S468 T-4 Turbo - Compounds Only

Model:  SD5B468.T4


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Stainless Diesel Billet 5BladeTurbocharger S468 T-4

    As a single turbocharger this turbo is not recommended on most Cummins applications due to the large amount of air flow resulting in a turbo surge situation. If you have any cylinder head or cam shaft upgrades it will be less likely to surge since you are increasing the capabilities of the engine. However, in a compound setup this turbo will work very well regardless of cylinder head/cam upgrades.

    If you are looking for a 5Blade s468 to be used as a single turbo please check out our "Super core" series of turbos which will have the same great 5 Blade wheel design but will come with a compressor cover better suited for a single turbo setup.

  • Billet 5Blade 68mm compressor wheel
  • 83mm turbine wheel
  • Exhaust outlet is 4.62 / 4 5/8"
  •  V-band compressor outlet
  • 5in .71 AR Race Cover
  • T-4 turbine housing

            Please note: Adding a polish and/or cerakote option can delay shipment of this product for 1-2 weeks.

(These pictures may not always be accurate, as our designs are constantly changing to meet new power goals or stock photo is in place of.)

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