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S363/68 T4.88 Open Turbo

S363/68 T4.88 Open Turbo
S363/68 T4.88 Open Turbo
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  • Model: CT363.68.T4.88-O
  • Weight: 33.00lb
  • Dimensions: 12.00in x 12.00in x 18.00in
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S363 boxed unit.

Compressor cover has a 4.00" air filter inlet.  The compressor cover outlet is standard 3.00" hose.  Has a forward facing 3.00" hose outlet.  Another option is to machine the exhaust housing outlet to HX40 4.00". 

  • Turbocharger (SX S300SX3 T4 A/R 88 63mm Inducer)
  • T-4 exhaust housing mount
  • Includes oil drain gasket
  • Includes T-4 turbo to manifold gasket
  • .88 A/R OPEN, exhaust housing
  • Downpipe exhaust flange size  JD Marmon is standard -- optional machine to HX40 (4.00")
  • Twin hydrodynamic journal bearings
  • Extended tip technology compressor wheel
  • Adjustable compressor and turbine housing orientation
  • Compressor cover recirculation grooves
  • A small high-pressure turbocharger provides most of the boost at low engine speeds
  • HP capability range is 500-600 at the tires (cast wheel)
  • Optional billet wheel gives more power capabilities, cooler EGT's, & faster spool-up

To realize the full potential of your S300, we highly recommend the use of the following upgrade components:

  • Stainless Diesel T-4 high flow exhaust manifold
  • New oil feed line kit
  • 4.00" downpipe

HP Capability

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