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S&S LML CP3 Conversion Kit w/o pump

S&S LML CP3 Conversion Kit w/o pump
S&S LML CP3 Conversion Kit w/o pump

Model:  SS-LML-CP3 w/o pump


Price in reward points: 16000
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S&S LML CP3 conversion kit WITHOUT pump – Offroad Use Only – No DPF

  • LML CP3 H/O Pump Option – Add desired CP3 (SS, 10, 12, 14mm) price to LML conversion kit without pump price

S&S Diesel Motorsport, the world leader in common-rail diesel injection has developed a solution for CP4.2 high-pressure pump failures that have plagued the LML Duramax engine. The S&S solution is to remove the problem before it becomes a problem, by replacing the CP4.2 with a tried and true, bulletproof CP3 high pressure fuel pump.

CP4 high pressure pumps are the Achilles heel of the LML Duramax engine because of high failure rates, and commonly taking out the entire, very costly, high-pressure system with it (injectors, rails, lines). S&S Diesel Motorsport offers the only CARB-compliant 50 State CP3 conversion available for the LML.  This includes all hardware necessary to replace the troublesome CP4 with a bulletproof CP3, requires no tuning changes, and still maintains factory emissions control equipment.

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