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SS Diesel Motorsport

Brand: SS Diesel Motorsport Model: SSL5P-100
S&S 100% Over L5P Duramax Injectors S&S Diesel Motorsport Injectors go through a proprietary body modification process to increase flow & performance at Full Throttle!*Core Charge will be refunded if the Cores are Returned within 30 Days of Ship Date*  (send cores back to us..
Brand: SS Diesel Motorsport Model: SS6.7F-30SAC
6.7L Powerstroke Diesel 30% over InjectorsKit includes:InjectorsSealsO-RingsCopper Washers Cores are $150 per injector.   All 8 must be received for core credit to be returned...
S&S SuperSport CP3 Pump S&S SuperSport CP3 Pump
Brand: SS Diesel Motorsport Model: SSCP3-DMX-SS
Duramax SuperSport CP3 High-Pressure Pumphigher output > 3500 rpm This pump is engineered to maintain fuel delivery well past the stock CP3's limitations at higher RPM's. Stock CP3's have a hard time delivering fuel past 3,000 rpm's. That is not the case with this pump. An upgrade fo..
Brand: SS Diesel Motorsport Model: SSLB7-65SAC
One of the inherent weaknesses of the factory LB7 VCO nozzle was its prone to premature leakage causing the common white smoke problems at idle. The SAC nozzles are much more robust and not prone to this type of failure. Good for hp goals up to +/- 825hp..
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