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Stainless Diesel

Brand: Stainless Diesel Model: A2222
Stainless Diesel Single 2G Swap - Air Intake PIPE ONLY (short pipe) Comes with: (1) 5.00" intake pipe only AIT sensor provision (no boot, no filter)********RAW PIPE ONLY..
Brand: Stainless Diesel Model: E2006S
Stainless Diesel Twin - Air Intake PIPE ONLY (taller pipe) Comes with: (1) 5.00" intake pipe only AIT sensor provision (no boot, no filter)********..
Brand: Stainless Diesel Model: 5AIT2G
Stainless Diesel's FLOW BOSS™ 2G Swap - Air Intake Kit... this is the Air Intake Kit that we use in our 2G swap kits for common rail 5.9L Dodge Cummins. (2003-2007)  Can be used with S300 / S400 turbos.  Choose the correct turbo boot for your turbo. This is made for a single turbo with a..
HE351 Flange
Brand: Stainless Diesel Model: FHE351_4-3/8-450
3rd Gen HE351 Flange Used on 3rd Gen S300's 4 3/8th's OD For use with 4" Downpipes 3.50" pipe will fit on the inside of the flange Mild steel weld flange..
Brand: Stainless Diesel Model: TTPK3G-S363/480-0307-HOT-C
Stainless Diesel's COMPLETE Twin/Compound Turbo Kits for 03-07 5.9 Dodge Diesels. Drastically lower your EGT's with outstanding efficiency and driveability. This is the only way to get the best of both worlds -- great spool-up, & all the top-end power that you can handle!!! Stainless Dies..
Brand: Stainless Diesel Model: SD2G12VT6
T-6 12 Valve MONSTER FOOT Stainless Diesel Cummins Exhaust manifold. 12v Sled Puller Stainless Diesel exhaust manifolds come with a bolt-on CNC ported center section. 2 ports drilled and tapped for EGT & Drive. Our Stainless exhaust mainfolds are made with shell molding. Its a super smooth inside..
Brand: Stainless Diesel Model: T3_T4ADK
STAINLESS DIESEL T3 manifold - T4 turbo ADAPTER kit.  1.00" thick steel. Comes with T3 gasket Comes with T4 gasket Comes with all mounting hardware..
Brand: Stainless Diesel Model: T-WESTERN-shirt
Gildan 'Soft-Style' T-shirts. Small - 4XL sizes available (not available in youth - design is too large)*FREE SHIPPING*..
Brand: Stainless Diesel Model: BH3_3.5x4RH
3.00" ID - 3.50" ID x 4.00" length high-temperature silicone REDUCER BOOT..
Brand: Stainless Diesel Model: SD5B366.74.T4
66/74/.91 T-4 divided non-gated 5 Blade This turbo is an excellent balance between power and drivability. Performance street-ability with a faster transient boost to comparable cast wheel size This turbo has made up to 750-800hp at the tire A balance between daily driving, and hot street p..
Brand: Stainless Diesel Model: SD5B465.T4
Stainless Diesel Billet 5BladeTurbocharger S465 T-4   Billet 5Blade 65mm compressor wheel 83mm turbine wheel Exhaust outlet is 4.62 / 4 5/8"  V-band compressor outlet 5in .71 AR Race Cover T-4 turbine housing        Please note: Addi..
Brand: Stainless Diesel Model: SD5B468.T4
Stainless Diesel Billet 5BladeTurbocharger S468 T-4     As a single turbocharger this turbo is not recommended on most Cummins applications due to the large amount of air flow resulting in a turbo surge situation. If you have any cylinder head or cam shaft upgrades it will be le..
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