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Does S&S stand behind their products?
S&S Diesel Motorsport products carry a two-year unlimited-mileage warranty from the date sold.  The warranty is attached to the product itself and can be transferred to subsequent owners within the two-year period. Any suspect hardware must be returned to S&S for evaluation, and will be repaired or replaced at S&S discretion. Damage from improper usage and external contaminants, such as but not limited to, water and debris is not covered under warranty. Customer is responsible for testing charges on unwarrantable hardware. S&S Diesel Motorsport is not responsible for labor, shipping charges, lost time, damages, travel, hotel and any other cost incurred as a result of a warranty claim.



Brand: GR Diesel Model: GRD00153
G&R's Billet Aluminum Bottom Sump with Integrated Fuel Return System completely eliminates the need to run the return of your aftermarket fuel pump to the top of the tank or cut into the fuel filler neck, therefore cutting install time tremendously!G&R has innovatively designed a Bille..
Brand: GR Diesel Model: GRD00161
This sump is designed to help ease the install of 2 lift pumps. With its 2 suction ports, installing 2 lift pumps is a breeze! It is based on G&R's proven clamp in design used on their integrated return sump. included 1/2″ push-lok fittings and a hole saw...
Model: 6x.013maxmafias
 These injectors max out your VP pump.  Max Mafia's have made up to 700hp on stock VP pumps and up to 850hp on a monster pump on fuel only. These are streetable enough for everyday driving and towing up to 10,000lbs.  Results may vary depending on the turbo setup, pump, and your t..
Brand: GR Diesel Model: GRD00154-1
Do you have a bolt-in style sump that leaks? This is the part that you have been waiting for! G&R has designed a clamp in type of sump that will replace your current bolt-in sump or work as a new install. This sump will replace any sump that uses a 3.00″ hole in the bottom of your fuel t..
Brand: SS Diesel Motorsports Model: SS6.7-10SAC Early
(07.5 - 12) 6.7 10% over TorqueMaster - SAC nozzle Injector SET..
Brand: SS Diesel Motorsports Model: SS6.7-10SAC Late
S&S 2013+ 6.7 10% over TorqueMaster - SAC nozzle Injector SET..
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