S400 Turbos

Equip your diesel truck engine with Stainless Diesel’s S400 turbos and more. Our affordable prices make it easy to buy everything you need to repair, maintain, and even improve performance.

No matter if you’re configuring a twin turbo setup or replacing a turbo, we have the equipment you need for your truck. Want to make the most out of your S400 turbo? We also supply turbo blankets, twin turbo brackets, exhaust housings, race covers, and more. From polished cover features to billet wheel add-ons, we have a large selection of parts available.

Have questions about our equipment? Contact us today - we’ll make sure you install the right turbo for your vehicle.

Turbo Installation Guide

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S465 /T-4 2.5 Pulling Turbo

This is a 'Box' style turbo that will plug to work in the 2.5 pulling class. This wo..


S465 T-4 .83 Turbo

S465 83mm Exhaust Wheel T-4 Option of .90, 1.00, 1.10 A/R exhaust housings Cast Wheel5.00" Inl..


S467.7 FMW Turbo

BorgWarner Airwerks S400SX3-67.7, S467 FMW (Forged Milled Wheel), with 1.10 Twin Scroll Turbine Hous..


S468 T-4 .83 Turbo

S468 83mm Exhaust Wheel T-4Option of .90, 1.00, 1.10 A/R exhaust housings Cast Wheel5.00" Inle..


S475/96/1.32 Box Turbo

Box unit from BorgWarner S475 T-6  / 1.32 AR exhaust housing 96mm Turbine Whee..


S475 T-4 .83 Turbo

S475 83mm Exhaust Wheel T-4 option of .90 or 1.00 exhaust housing Cast Wheel..


S480/T-6 1.32 A/R 96mm Turbo, v-band, for Twins

S480 Cast 80mm Compressor Wheel  T-6 1.32 AR 96mm Turbine Wheel  5.00" Inle..


S480/T-6 1.32 A/R 96mm BILLET Turbo, v-band, for Twins

Box unit from Borg Warner S480 T-6  / 1.32 AR exhaust housing 96mm Turbine Whee..


Polish My Turbo Cover

This is basically a process to send your TURBO COVER in to us to get a like new polish done! Yo..