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Looking to repair your turbo yourself? Stainless Diesel’s turbo rebuild kits contain high-quality parts for your project, including brass bearings, bolts, nuts, rings, and more. We also believe in providing the best “bang for your buck” – you’ll pay one price for all of the equipment needed to repair your turbocharger. Stop putting off those repairs and buy one now!

*We do not accept returns on opened or partially installed turbo rebuild kits!

Not sure which turbo rebuild kit to purchase? Reach out to our dedicated team of experts for assistance.

Brand: Stainless Diesel Model: s4t4CHRA
Need to fix your turbo but not wanting to bother with a rebuild? We offer a complete assembly of various sized units with an 83mm turbine wheel that will utilize your existing compressor cover and exhaust housing. Simply clamp on your existing housings and put it back in place!Due to the fact that w..
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