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Stainless Diesel's 2nd Gen manifold on a 3rd and 4th gen Dodge Cummin's truck -- PIPING KIT
At Stainless Diesel we strive to produce the Best Products brought to the market.  Rest assured with your purchase of our kit you’ll receive the Best Quality Product, Customer Service, Fitment, and Performance for your rig.
We know you are itching to put your new turbos to work, with more available stock of parts than any of our competitors, you can count on putting the new found power to the ground faster, as our basic kits ship fast in black or raw stock.  All kits are 'built when ordered', as there are many truck year factors that change configurations needed.  Our trusted experts complete a double-checked options review of every order before shipping.
All piping kits must be assembled according to year & options chosen within the kits, therefore the highly customizable options available. 
If you choose a faster shipping method, we will use that method to ship ... but when the kit is actually ready.  AND if you're in a hurry and want your kit to be moved to the front of the line - please add the RUSH FEE to your cart.  This can be found in the search bar = RUSH.  This will place your order in front of other current kit orders and then we will use the shipping method you've chosen.  The RUSH FEE gives your order priority... but does not go towards covering any faster shipping costs... so please choose your shipping speed accordingly.

Complete kits will ship in '3 separate' shipments. 
BOX 1.  Manifold           BOX 2. Turbo             BOX 3.  Kit
*Special colors  we are at the mercy of the powder coaters' schedule.  Could be 3-4 weeks out.  We expect fast turn-around times from our partners, but it doesn't always happen that way.  We try to ship the kits the same day as receiving the colored piping.

** ALL piping kits come with 4.00" downpipes only.   We do not offer anything else**
*modifications needed for Banks Intercoolers*

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