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Ford Injector Years:

6.7 Ford = 2011 +

6.0 Ford

6.4 Ford

  • Injectors
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100% USA-made, and comes with an industry-leading two-year warranty.

Brand: SS Diesel Motorsport Model: SSFRA-PS-6.7F-6130100
For those looking to improve the debris management of their first-generation bypass kit, the S&S Fuel Return Filter Assembly..
Brand: SS Diesel Motorsport Model: CP4-6.7F-BP-G2.1
This listing fits 2011+ 6.7L Power StrokeS&S Diesel Motorsport Gen2.1 6.7L Power Stroke CP4 Disaster Prevention Kit is now SEMA Certified Emissions Compliant (SC-SDM01-0020).(see documentation below)The S&S Diesel Motorsport Gen2 6.7 Power Stroke CP4 Bypass Kit will feature all quick con..
Brand: GR Diesel Model: GRD00153
G&R's Billet Aluminum Bottom Sump with Integrated Fuel Return System completely eliminates the need to run the return of your aftermarket fuel pump to the top of the tank or cut into the fuel filler neck, therefore cutting install time tremendously!G&R has innovatively designed a Bille..
Brand: GR Diesel Model: GRD00161
This sump is designed to help ease the install of 2 lift pumps. With its 2 suction ports, installing 2 lift pumps is a breeze! It is based on G&R's proven clamp in design used on their integrated return sump. included 1/2″ push-lok fittings and a hole saw...
Brand: GR Diesel Model: GRD00154-1
Do you have a bolt-in style sump that leaks? This is the part that you have been waiting for! G&R has designed a clamp in type of sump that will replace your current bolt-in sump or work as a new install. This sump will replace any sump that uses a 3.00″ hole in the bottom of your fuel t..
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