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5.00" - 5.50" x 5.00" length REDUCER 5.00" - 5.50" x 5.00" length REDUCER
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Brand: Stainless Diesel Model: BH5_5.5x5RH
*Special 5.00" length sized* 5.00" ID to 5.50" ID x 5.00" long, high temperature, 5 ply reducer boot. Strength tested to handle diesel boost..
S300 v-Band Compressor Outlet Flange Set
Brand: Stainless Diesel Model: FS3OR-053
  Aluminum cover side weld Flange and Mild Steel mating flange setS300, Hx40, Hx35, compressor v-band outlet flange Works with 2.50" & 3.00" pipe Includes O-ring..
Brand: Stainless Diesel Model: S4F/C - 4.62
S400,  GT42,  3x3   4.62 Turbine outlet flange & clamp Works with 4" pipes Flange & v-band clamp included..
Model: 12NPTPLG
This alan head/ hex drive countersunk plug is a brass pipe fitting with 1/2" male NPT threads.  The countersunk plug with a hex drive inserts into a pipe or fitting to close and terminate its end and has a recessed hex head for increased bearing load...
Model: VBS4BPBH10179
This clamp holds the compressor cover on a S400 turbo to the back plate on the bearing housing...
Brand: Stainless Diesel Model: E23004
3rd Gen twin intercooler pipe from S-300 top charger to intercooler. (using 3rd gen turbo cover on 5.9 trucks) This pipe is also used in our single swap kits. Choose your option of uncoated or Flat Black Texture..
Model: 5.8BARB-.75NPT
Brass 5/8" Barb Hose to 3/4" NPT fitting. (replacement part used in our Water Bypass kits)..
Brand: Stainless Diesel Model: HX82EOF
HX-82 Exhaust outlet flange   Fits HX-82 Exhaust outlet 5.125 INCH OD MILD STEEL FLANGE Optional Clamp..
Model: VB588S4K31
Formed Steel Exhaust Outlet Flange for Borg Warner S400 and K31 turbo charger. 5" outlet 5" V Band Clamp. This clamp is commly used with our twin turbo down pipe.  Fits T-6  1.10, 1.32  S400 exhaust housings...
6.7 Cummins Crank Case Ventilation Kit 6.7 Cummins Crank Case Ventilation Kit
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Model: CCV6.7
6.7 Cummins Crank Case Ventilation Kit INCLUDES:  CCV Hose & Clamp Specially designed for relocating the crank case ventilation to a more conventional location.  Our option (opposed to others out there), when installed correctly, will NOT drip hot oil onto your exhaust manifold creating that n..
Brand: Stainless Diesel Model: GT55EOF
GT-55 Exhaust outlet flange   Fits GT-55 Exhaust outlet 5.125 INCH OD MILD STEEL FLANGE Optional Clamp..
Model: .75BRASSELB
90 Degrees, Street elbow, Brass, 3/4" pipe size, Connection Type Male NPT x Female NPT,..
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