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Brand: Stainless Diesel Model: BH3_3x4SHH
3.00" ID - 3.00" ID x 4.00" length STRAIGHT high temperature silicone HUMP BOOT..
Model: AL-EL-S390-300
Holset - S300 90* degree elbow (the size you choose) and matching v-band clamp to fit. This elbow converts a 2nd gen side outlet v-band cover (with Holset S300's) into a 3rd gen turbo cover.VBand clamp is included...
Brand: Stainless Diesel Model: A2222
Stainless Diesel Single 2G Swap - Air Intake PIPE ONLY (short pipe) Comes with: (1) 5.00" intake pipe only AIT sensor provision (no boot, no filter)********RAW PIPE ONLY..
Brand: Stainless Diesel Model: E2006S
Stainless Diesel Twin - Air Intake PIPE ONLY (taller pipe) Comes with: (1) 5.00" intake pipe only AIT sensor provision (no boot, no filter)********..
Brand: Stainless Diesel Model: 5AIT2G
Stainless Diesel's FLOW BOSS™ 2G Swap - Air Intake Kit... this is the Air Intake Kit that we use in our 2G swap kits for common rail 5.9L Dodge Cummins. (2003-2007)  Can be used with S300 / S400 turbos.  Choose the correct turbo boot for your turbo. This is made for a single turbo with a..
HE351 Flange
Brand: Stainless Diesel Model: FHE351_4-3/8-450
3rd Gen HE351 Flange Used on 3rd Gen S300's 4 3/8th's OD For use with 4" Downpipes 3.50" pipe will fit on the inside of the flange Mild steel weld flange..
Brand: Stainless Diesel Model: FHE351-VEHX
HE351 VE Flange Used on HE351 VGT Turbos Electronic controlled Turbo chargers on 2007.5 - 2012 turbo chargers 4" OD For use with 4" Downpipes 3.5" pipe will fit on the inside of flange Mild steel weld flange This flange fits the exhaust housing outlet flange w..
Brand: SB Filters Model: SD-UFR0008
Precision II: Cleaning & Oil Kit (Red Oil) Maximize the performance and longevity of your air filter. Works on any S&B filter and 95% of all other high-performance air filters. How to clean your filter..
SXE 3.00 Aluminum Elbow - Kit
In Stock
Model: E-SXE-S300
Includes:O-ringV-band clamp3.00" SIZED*..
Brand: Stainless Diesel Model: BH3.5_4x4RH
3.50" ID to 4.00" ID x 4.00" long, high temperature, 5-ply reducer boot. Strength tested to handle diesel boost..
5.00" Twin Downpipe -- 3G Twin S400
Out Of Stock
Brand: Stainless Diesel Model: E25004
5.00" downpipe for S400 when using twin turbochargers. This is a non-returnable part..
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