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S300 Cast

Brand: BorgWarner Model: CTS300G.58.65.14-5.9
This is a 2nd Gen bolt-on turbo from Borg Warner - S300G upgrade turbo for Diesel Cummins 5.9 engines.  Has an HX40 exhaust outlet flange size (4.00").  2nd Generation Dodge Cummins 5.9 - 1994-2002 replacement turbo is more than a great match for your Cummins powered truck.&nbs..
Brand: BorgWarner Model: CTS362.65.14-5.9
62/65/14   Bolt on upgrade turbo for 2nd Gen Cummins 5.9 T-3 mounting flangeIncludes oil drain gasketIncludes T-3 turbo to manifold gasket Cast 7 blade compressor wheel.80 A/R gated exhaust housing Includes Stainless Diesel billet 'spring gate' wastegate actuator Downpipe exhaus..
Brand: BorgWarner Model: CTS363.68.T3.80-WG
S363SX3 This turbo is an excellent balance between power and drivability.  T-3 exhaust housing mountIncludes oil drain gasketIncludes T-3 turbo to manifold gasketIncludes Stainless Diesel billet 'spring gate' wastegate actuator.80 A/R gated exhaust housingDownpipe exhaust flange size opt..
Brand: BorgWarner Model: CT363.68.T4.88-O
S363 boxed unit. Compressor cover has a 4.00" air filter inlet.  The compressor cover outlet is standard 3.00" hose.  Has a forward facing 3.00" hose outlet.  Another option is to machine the exhaust housing outlet to HX40 4.00".  Turbocharger (SX S300SX3 T4 A/R 88 63mm Induce..
Model: CT366.74.T4.91-D
S366 boxed unit.  This turbo comes standard with extended tip technology and cast compressor wheel. Standard exhaust housing size is T-4 .91 A/R non-waste-gated, divided, with the John Deere style Marmon downpipe flange.  Compressor cover has a 4" air filter inlet. The compressor cover is ..
Model: CTS366.80.T3.80-WG
66/80/T-3 .80 Wastgated This turbo is an excellent balance between power and drivability. Extremely Streetable Flow capability for 650-700+hp Optional billet wheel (we have had customers push to 750+hp with faster spool-up than the cast wheel.)..
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