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S300 Turbos

Stainless Diesel offers several S300 turbo parts to choose from at competitive prices. Whether you’re using your turbo for towing, racing, or other activities, we supply the equipment that’ll keep your diesel truck in great shape. In addition to our S300 turbo parts, we have race covers as well as other accessories to complete your setup.

Custom Turbo's are built to order, so you can get the exact specifications you need. From flanges and front cover features to billet wheels and polished cover options, we have it all. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or specific requests.

Turbo Installation Guide

Model: RUSH
Fee for getting your order put directly on the shipping tables!  You want a kit (or turbo) pulled and assembled today & put in front of the line?Then this fee needs to be added to your cart.  This fee gets your order made now - but don't forget to also choose how fast you'd like your o..
Brand: BorgWarner Model: CTS369.SXE
SXE 369/74mm Turbine Borg p/n 1300-909-7051 Integrated speed sensor port 360-degree thrust bearing Flexible compressor cover outlet options Forged milled compressor wheel Pre-machined boost port Optimized compressor cover aerodynamics* T4 1.00 & T4 .91 Exhaust Housing opt..
Model: POL-TC
This is basically a process to send your TURBO COVER in to us to get a like new polish done! You will be charged for shipping now - this will cover the return shipping back to you. Be sure to print your order & include it 'inside' the box. - Many people ship items to us from a U Ship UP..
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