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Here at Stainless Diesel “we speak turbo” having the necessary knowledge and experience to successfully rebuild and/or upgrade your turbocharger. With specialty tools, machine shop capabilities, and balancing equipment necessary to successfully rebuild and upgrade your turbocharger, you’ll notice a difference in your truck right away. With a vast inventory of turbo parts consisting of; Complete turbochargers, components, repair kits, bearings and seals, turbine shafts, exhaust housings, OEM and aftermarket wheels, and much more to complete your rebuild and/or upgrade in a timely fashion. We have a highly knowledgeable customer service staff on hand to answer any questions or concerns you may have before, during, and after your rebuild/upgrade. Contact us today for more information about our diesel turbo parts.

Model: T6TB-lava
SD T-6 Turbo Blankets isolate the heat produced by your turbocharger with the purpose of reducing turbo lag, cooler air intake temperatures, protecting and prolonging engine components, and giving a boost in horsepower. In keeping the heat of the exhaust gases contained within the hot side of th..
Brand: Stainless Diesel Model: OR_236ORG
S-400 Aluminum elbow replacement O-ring  (color may be different from photo - due to silicone shortages) Cross Section Shape: Round Material: Silicone Dash Number: 236 System of Measurement: Inch Inside Diameter: 3-1/4 Outside..
T-4 1.10 A/R 83mm S400 Exhaust Housing #177104
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Brand: BorgWarner Model: EXH-177104
T-4 S400 1.10 A/R Exhaust housing 83mm Turbine Wheel 4 5/8" exhaust outlet flangeVolute, twin flow - Twin scroll turbine housingT-4 Inlet1.10 A/R - #177104..
Model: 6JIC-M12OR M/M
Turbo Oil Feed Fitting -6 JIC to M12 O-ring used for higher oil flow lines..
T-4 1.25 A/R 83mm S400 Exhaust Housing #177105
Brand: BorgWarner Model: EXH-177105
T-4 S400 1.25 A/R Exhaust housing 83mm Turbine Wheel 4 5/8" exhaust outlet flangeVolute, twin flow - Twin scroll turbine housingT-4 Inlet1.25 A/R - #177105..
Brand: BorgWarner Model: EXH-176811
Turbine HousingFits p/n 176806 S400SX4 Turbo Only1.10 A/R - #176811Volute, Twin Flow ConfigurationT6 Inlet83mm Turbine Wheel DesignFits S400 T-4 bearing housings  (will NOT fit T-6 bearing housing size)..
Model: CCS400R
S400 Race Cover.  This New High Flow S400 Race cover picks up flow 25 CFM's over the old stock type Tractor Turbo cover.  Makes more peak power with increased flow.  When used in a Twin turbo application, they become more efficient!..
Brand: BorgWarner Model: EXH-14961019007
OEM Borg Warner T-6 1.15 A/R exhaust housingFits p/n 171701 & 171702 S400SX4 Turbos1.15 A/R  - #14961019007Volute, Twin Flow ConfigurationT6 Inlet96mm Turbine Wheel Design..
Brand: Stainless Diesel Model: FADPT351/40
Flange Adapter HX40 to HE3514.00" to 4 3/8"This Stainless Diesel adapter allows you to connect these two opposing flanges together. **ie. stock common rail turbo outlet to HX40 downpipe. (adaptor is 1" thick flange to flange.)..
S300 Waste Gate Spacer Plate
In Stock
Brand: Stainless Diesel Model: WGSP
Fits the S300 Cast Iron Exhaust Housing. Spacer plate that allows more total flow through the internal wastegate to more accurately regulate boost on a single turbo application.   In a Twin or Compound turbo application it allows more total flow to the primary or 'large' turbo t..
Brand: BorgWarner Model: EXH-179641
OEM Borg Warner take off T-6 1.25 exhaust housings This exhaust housing fits T-4 S400 bearing housings with the 87x80mm turbine wheel..
Brand: BorgWarner Model: EXH-171698
OEM Borg Warner T-6 1.15 A/R exhaust housingS400, S400SX4, S400SX-E1.32 A/R  - #171698Volute, Twin Flow ConfigurationT6 Inlet96mm Turbine Wheel Design..
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