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7.3 Powerstroke

Brand: Stainless Diesel Model: E73300XDIT
94-98 OBS S300 Style Drop-in TurbineQuicker Spool UpDrop-inLower EGT'S..
Brand: Stainless Diesel Model: SD73300XDIT
99-03 S300 Style Drop-in TurbineQuicker Spool UpDrop-inLower EGT'S..
Model: 73AWGA
Upgrade for the factory 7.3 Powerstroke turbos this a great upgraded wastegate controller. On a factory wastegate, the actuator rod moves with very little boost creating a power loss. This wastegate includes a larger diaphram and spring system to keep more boost longer. The stock OEM wastegate ..
Model: 739619-5004S
99.5-03 7.3 PowermaxGarrett Powermax Powerstroke Drop-in turboGarrett 739619-5004S 7.3L GTP38R PowerMax Turbocharger Kit w/ Ball Bearing & 1.0 A/R TH eliminates failures with higher boost levels caused by journal bearings by handling the shaft thrust. Higher horsepower is supported by the larger..
Model: L9903635BDI
Late 1999-2003Billet 63/70 7.3 Powerstroke Drop-in turbodrop-inpre-set wastegate for max performanceBillet 5 Blade 63mm compressor wheelincludes EBP-deleted pedestal ..
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