In an age where events like UCC and KOS bring the highest levels of competition out of the woodwork, the right engine, turbo, fuel system and transmission choices are paramount. Justin Zeigler knew all too well that if he wanted to run with the best of the best he would have to enlist the best to help get him there. For a rock-solid Cummins, he called on Pine Hill Auto LLC. For all the fueling he would need, he contacted Exergy Performance. As for the transmission, Firepunk Diesel got his business. And when it came time for boost production, Justin turned to us at Stainless Diesel. We responded with a trio of 5-blade turbochargers and a competition T-6 exhaust manifold. Two S480/96/1.25 A/R turbos, stacked on top of each other, serve as the atmosphere chargers in the triple arrangement, with our infamous 5-Blade S485 Godfather bolted to the manifold (an 85/96/1.32).


So far, Justin’s ’06 Dodge has dyno’d 1,698 hp on fuel, made 1,939 hp and a tire-bulging 3,550 lb-ft of torque on a small shot of spray, and also gone 5.88 at 124 mph in the eighth-mile—all with zero issues spooling. “Everybody kept telling me I’d have to spray a ton of nitrous and that this triple setup would be laggy,” he told us. “But it doesn’t need any nitrous to spool and I’m up against the converter for three seconds, tops, on the starting line.” So how exactly does Justin spool and fully stage a trio of T-6 foot S400’s in less than three seconds? The secret sauce lies in the billet 5-blade compressor technology, the race cover with 5.5-inch inlet ball, and the superior exhaust flow of our competition T-6 manifold driving the S485 efficiently.


A 1.48-second 60-foot in a 5,700-pound truck and a 3,550 lb-ft torque number on the rollers speaks to the triple system’s ability to light quickly despite the fact that some of the largest S400 frame chargers on the market are employed. The Firepunk Comp 3’s 2,600-rpm stall, quad disc DPC converter and Lavon Miller’s pinpoint control over the 500-percent over injectors also play an integral role in the truck’s coming up on boost so quickly. As he continues to dial things in, look for Justin’s third-gen at some of the bigger events that remain in 2020. Along with eyeing a trip to UCC 2021, he plans to put the truck on a diet, convert to four-link suspension, run a lower horsepower tune-up, and go rounds in the ODSS 5.90 Index class.