What makes a 5-blade Stainless Diesel turbo better than a box charger? Just ask Gregg Jolly of the Outlaw Diesel Super Series. When the off-the-shelf BorgWarner bolted to the ODSS tow-rig, an ’03 Dodge Ram 2500, began to check out in the midst of a 700-mile trip home from Florida, it was replaced with one of our wastegated S363/68/.80 T-3 units. Now, the 5.9L Cummins is more responsive, maintains 10-psi of boost while cruising, and the pyrometer reads roughly 150 degrees cooler than it used to. “Empty, I see no more than 600 degrees worth of EGT,” Gregg told us. “Towing at 75-mph, it runs between 800-850 degrees—and on long mountain grades I’ve never seen more than 1,100.”

Those are pretty good exhaust temps, especially when you consider that the enclosed trailer he tags along behind him tips the scales at 10,200 pounds. Even more impressive, the Stainless charger is barely bigger than the box BorgWarner that came before it, which confirms both the effectiveness of our 5-blade compressor technology and the gains we see by optimizing the MAP groove. As with any 5-blade turbo we offer, the smiles per mile are further amplified thanks to its signature whistle. Gregg tells us the 5-blade scream is so pronounced that most occupants think the truck has compounds under the hood.

The rest of the third-gen’s horsepower puzzle consists of 100-percent over injectors from S&S Diesel Motorsport, fine-tuning of the ECM—to make the injectors work with a stock CP3—from Paul Cato via HP Tuners software, a T-3 exhaust manifold, and a built 48RE automatic. Its 550-rwhp recipe is at the low-end of what our wastegated S363/68/.80 T-3 can support (it’s dyno’d as much as 689 hp at the tire), but it’s proof that you can make your tow-rig run cooler and be much more responsive with our 5-blade S363 in the mix.