Big Sexy: Derrick Barney’s 1,100 HP Fourth-Gen

Time flies when you’re having fun, and for Derrick Barney the past four years have flown by.  After installing our 2nd Gen Single Turbo Swap, running our 5-blade S472 and T-4 24-valve exhaust manifold, and knocking on the door of 900 hp for a time, Derrick pulled the trigger on our polished T-6 24-valve Competition manifold and upgraded to a 5-blade S480 (80/96/1.15).  His ’11 Mega Cab now sits at a dyno-proven 1,100 hp. One of our turbo blankets maximizes the responsiveness of the 96mm, 1.15 A/R exhaust side of the big single, while a Stainless Pre-Filter Wrap provides added filtration protection.

Derrick’s 6.7L Cummins was built by his friends at White Knuckles Garage and it sees plenty of fueling courtesy of an H&S Motorsports dual CP3 kit, a ported rail, injectors fitted with 152-percent Industrial Injection nozzles, and a 165-gph AirDog II system. Thanks to the 2nd Gen Single Turbo Swap and especially our Competition manifold’s CNC-ported, large 1.65-inch ports, the big S480 is extremely drivable. In fact, Derrick tells us there was no difference in low-rpm drivability between the T-4 S472 and the T-6 S480. The biggest change between the two chargers is apparent at high-rpm, where the 5-blade 80mm builds 68 psi of boost and never seems to run out of air.

Derrick’s nasty, inconspicuous fourth-gen is backed up by a 68RFE that’s been treated to a host of parts from both Randy’s Transmissions and Flatout Diesel. At its current power level, the six-speed auto has survived more than a dozen four-wheel drive boosted launches and drag races. Derrick might be living on the edge, but to him it’s worth it—especially when he’s able to perplex traditional drag racers at the track. In his most recent kill, the Mega Cab was pitted against an older, LS-swapped Malibu with a bunch of nitrous. After throwing the big CTT tune on the ECM (a file that calls for 2,200 microseconds of fuel) and squeezing 20 psi of boost out of the S480 before the launch, he put a truck length on the loser. Not bad for an 8,300-pound behemoth!