Behind every successful race team, there are equally successful sponsors. For five years, we’ve been racing the ODSS Pro Street class. In that time, we’ve set several records and won three championships, including our most recent title just a few weeks ago. However, none of it would’ve been possible without the folks at Sun Coast. They’ve been fulfilling our transmission needs throughout the course of our Pro Street journey. From the days of using the 48RE to our transition to a four-wheel-drive TH400 (our current, proven combination), Sun Coast has risen to the challenge each and every time we’ve found a new weak link.

In the early days, good converters and sound clutch management helped us get the most out of the 48RE platform. When we finally outgrew the Chrysler four-speed, it was due to the factory cases breaking, not the Sun Coast parts inside them. Since making the switch to the TH400 more than three years ago, we’ve been gathering data on stators and stall speeds in their converters. We’ve also worked closely with Sun Coast on smoothing out lockup to save hard parts and not upset the chassis. The back-and-forth between us has resulted in tremendous durability, ET and trap speed records, and a lot of wins. When you’re trying to apply more than 2,700 hp to the track in a 4,450-pound truck, the transmission has its work cut out for it—but Sun Coast helped us pull it off on a very consistent basis.

Looking to next season, we’re continuing our partnership with Sun Coast, but for 2022 we’re moving up to Pro Mod. Pouring all the data we’ve gathered from Pro Street into a new converter for the TH400 in our split-window Corvette should make for a solid, consistent combination right out of the gate. And the fact that the car will tip the scales at roughly 2,800 pounds (1,650 pounds lighter than the Pro Street 4x4) will ensure the transmission parts lead an easier life at the same power level. Running both ODSS and NMCA, the dream is to go 3.80s at 200 mph through the eighth while cutting sub-1-second 60-foots. We look forward to chasing those goals—and once again having Sun Coast along for the ride—in a few short months!