They don’t come any more dyed in the wool than Daniel Green. In the fall of 2019, he freed himself of all immobile possessions and set out to pursue his passion for diesel drag racing. He sold his house, bought a short bed second-gen as a rolling chassis, a used race trailer to haul it in, a brand-new Ram 2500 tow-rig, and hit the road. Thanks to Daniel’s tremendous drive, the ’96 roller became a race-ready truck within just two months’ time. Then, in an unfortunate turn of events, coronavirus hit right as the 2020 racing season was set to get underway. By mid-summer of last year, Daniel was finally able to move track-to-track as planned, but a blown-up 12-valve Cummins would eventually end his season.

As it turns out, the setbacks of last year were only the beginning. Daniel came out swinging in 2021—most notably after making the switch to a common-rail power plant after partnering with Wagler CompetitionProducts on a CGI block Cummins. Street Fighter rods, fire-rings, and an extensively ported head were all part of the 6.7L’s build sheet. Daniel also stuck with stock compression, factory pistons, which—in conjunction with one of our CompetitionT-6 24-valve exhaust manifolds with full-length 1.65-inch ports—helps bring the 85mm S400 to life quickly during staging. A 14mm CP3 and 400-percent over injectors from Exergy provide plenty of fueling, while a CM849 ECM (tuned via EFI Live) controls the engine.

Daniel’s Dodge is definitely getting down the track more effectively this season, too, thanks in large part to the four-link rear suspension supplied and installed by Maverick Diesel. Cutting low 1.4-second 60-foots and running bottom 6’s through the eighth-mile (including a personal best of 6.05) are edging him closer and closer to being competitive in the 5.90 Index class. When he’s not following the ODSS circuit, you can find Daniel partaking in headline-grabbing events like Rocky Mountain Race Week or simply getting in on the action at any track that will have him. No matter what, he and his second-gen hit the track every single weekend.

On top of being a Stainless Diesel customer, Daniel also enjoys great working relationships with CFT Performance, RaceQuip, Firepunk Diesel, Hott Bodz, and Opti-Lube, companies that have supported his unique one-man racing effort by sponsoring parts, labor, shop space, and advice. His story is proof positive that—through hard work, the right affiliations, and a willingness to learn—you can make any dream come true. Without question, Daniel is living the lifestyle a lot of gearheads can only dream about.