With all the success our 5-blade turbochargers have had in the Cummins and Duramax world, some overlook the fact that we cater to ’03-’07 Power Stroke owners, too. That’s right, we offer two 5-blade turbo options for6.0L owners that have switched to a fixed geometry T4 system. A 63mm and a 66mm, both chargers are S300-based with T-4 divided and non-wastegated turbine housings. Stephen O’Neal from White Knuckles Garage has spent considerable time testing each one, and he has nothing but good things to say. “The 5-blade S363 drives better than a variable geometry,” he told us. “And the 5-blade S366 can support 700-rwhp all day long with the right injector.”


Intended for tune-only or mild injector applications, the Stainless 5-blade S363 comes with a 68mm turbine wheel, your choice of a .91 or .83 A/R exhaust housing, optimized MAP grooves, a high-flow radiused inlet bell, and can easily support 550-rwhp. Solid all-around drivability and good towing manners highlight the 5-blade S363. For bigger injectors and HPOP combinations, the 5-blade S366 fits the mold. It comes with a larger 74mm turbine, a .91 A/R exhaust housing, the aforementioned MAP groove and inlet bell tweaks, and strikes the perfect balance between power and drivability. With the 5-blade S366 feeding the 6.0L in his Excursion, Stephen logged 40-psi of boost on fuel, along with a drive pressure-to-boost ratio very close to 1:1. On the dyno, he sprayed his ‘Ex to 873-rwhp.


Soon, we’ll have something else for Stephen—and the rest of the industry—to enjoy. We’ve been working on a 5-blade VGT for the 6.0L for some time now, and it might redefine the drop-in turbo market for ’03-’07 Fords. “I personally believe it will be the loudest 6.0 VGT on the planet”, said an anticipatory Stephen. Think 63 to 64mm on the compressor side, 10-blades on the turbine, and a high-flow vane setup…but that’s not all. A 5-blade VGT option is also in the works for the ’15-newer 6.7L Power Stroke. Stay tuned. The Ford VGT market is about to get a shot in the arm!