Adam Foltz does things a little differently than most diesel drag racers these days. Instead of dropping a common-rail Cummins into his ’02 Dodge, his 5.90 class second-gen sports a P-pumped 24-valve. He has, however, embraced the big single turbo with nitrous recipe that has shown a lot of success in recent years, and runs our 5-blade S480. Combined with our high-flow Competition T-6 exhaust manifold and a D&J Stage 2 ported head, the big single has no problem coming to life and Adam can get the truck fully staged in seconds. “It’s easy to spool up,” he tells us. “As easy to spool as my old triples were.”

With Stainless billet 5-blade technology on the compressor side and a 96mm turbine wheel with the optional 1.32 A/R housing on the exhaust side, the T-6 foot S480 offers plenty of flow at high rpm. To keep the big single in its happy place, Adam launches the truck at 3,300 rpm (and roughly 20 psi of boost) and shifts gears between 4,600 and 4,800 rpm. In between trying to slow the second-gen down enough to run 5.90 Index, Adam has gone as quick as 5.72 in the eighth-mile and trapped as much as 125 mph. Thanks to a 4,100-pound curb weight, an engine (and transmission) saving 1,100 to 1,200 hp is all that’s required to run the number he needs it to.

The D&J-prepped long-block is based on a sleeved 6.7L crankcase and features the company’s billet rods, FSR pistons, and the aforementioned Stage 2 ported head. A 13mm P7100 from Northeast Diesel—a pump that’s capable of flowing 1,000 cc’s of fuel but is currently turned all the way back to 550—provides endless room for growth should Adam’s horsepower needs change. The potent P7100 feeds a set of double-feed 6x18 injectors from Haley Speed Innovations and a Waterman gear-driven fuel pump ensures the P-pump sees 50-psi worth of fuel supply at all times.

Adam is dedicated to making his mechanical Cummins competitive in the age of common-rail, and we look forward to helping him go rounds in the ODSS 5.90 Index category—as well as setting a few new personal bests along the way.