How do you beat the average 10mm pump and 45-percent over injector setup by more than 100 horsepower? You open up the cylinder head and feed it with a 5-blade turbo. After Lance Johnson combined our Supercore S468/83/1.0 charger and T-4 exhaust manifold with the Stage 3 D&J cylinder head on his 6.7L Cummins, his ’12 Ram responded with an impressive 892 hp on the dyno. “I switched from a T-4 S300 (with the same head) and the flow of the Stainless turbo is incredible,” Lance tells us. “Power comes on so smooth and strong, it’s like the engine isn’t even working.”

Already armed with the knowledge that Stainless turbochargers tend to make more power than the competition (and following a conversation with our own John Gilbert), Lance decided on our Supercore 5-bladeS468. The R&D-driven, billet 5-blade compressor wheel’s inducer measures 68mm and a 5-inch inlet bell ensures it always sees plenty of air. To hold down the fort during the pinnacle of the turbo’s boost production, a V-band compressor housing outlet is employed. On the exhaust side, you’ll find the proven BorgWarner 83mm (exducer) turbine wheel inside a T-4 housing with a 1.00 A/R. Lance’s decision to run our T-4 24-valve exhaust manifold also brought quicker spool-up (thanks to the thick wall casting’s ability to retain heat) and peak top-end power (a benefit of its full-length 1.65-inch diameter ports) into the equation.

With the 6.7L Cummins breathing deeper and more efficiently as a result of the turbo, manifold, and ported head, it’s safe to say Lance is getting the most out of his fuel system. It’s not typical to see a 10mm CP3 and 45-percent over set of injectors support much more than 750 to 800 hp, the numbers you normally get with a stock head and run-of-the-mill S400. Lance’s combination made just shy of 900 hp because he was willing to take things to the next level. A Hamilton 178/208 cam and a Passenger Diesel intake manifold and cold-side charge pipe complement the stage 3 head, 5-blade turbo, and high-flow exhaust manifold—while Firepunk Diesel tuning ties everything together.


“I just wanted north of 750 hp,” a surprised Lance said. “Now I feel like I’m gonna want to have more fun than this built 68RFE is going to allow me!”