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RUDY'S SPRING TRUCK JAM 2021 is this weekend!   Watch our Facebook page for the event LIVE STREAM!

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26 Mar Michael Dalton Is A Man On A 4-Second Mission
Mike McGlothlin 0 121
4-second eighth-miles or bust. That’s the goal Michael Dalton, owner of RLC Motorsports in Cookeville, Tennessee, has set for himself and his Pro Street program for 2021. Chassis tweaks, a new shock package fromPRS, and a changeover to Hoosier slicks..
20 Mar Small-Tire Fire-Breather: Jonathan Montesino’s 4-Second Ranger Gets Downright Serious
Mike McGlothlin 0 141
Believe it or not, Jonathan Montesino’s small-tire Ford Ranger was originally destined to be powered by a 6.7L Power Stroke. A couple of years later, and after having lucked into the donation of a 6.7L Cummins before the V-8 ever went between the fra..
15 Mar You Can Have It All: 1,000 HP And Good Street Manners With A 5-Blade S475
Mike McGlothlin 0 117
Big single, plenty of fuel, 48RE swap, and 1,013 hp at the wheels... Chicagoland has no idea what just hit it every time Paul Szczypta pulls the cover off his ’12 Mega Cab for a fair-weather cruise. “I wanted a fun street truck,” he told us. “Somet..
05 Mar No Prep, No Problem: 5-Blade Mafia Member, Ethan Patterson, Dominates Darlington
Mike McGlothlin 1 225
Hoosier state native, Ethan Patterson might’ve had a rough haul down to South Carolina, but the $8,000 he left Darlington Dragway with sure had him smiling again. You see, Ethan has been working on his no-prep racing game for some time now. And—knowi..
22 Feb 5-Blade 6.0L Turbos—And A 5-Blade VGT On The Horizon…
Mike McGlothlin 78 418
With all the success our 5-blade turbochargers have had in the Cummins and Duramax world, some overlook the fact that we cater to ’03-’07 Power Stroke owners, too. That’s right, we offer two 5-blade turbo options for6.0L owners that have switched to ..
06 Feb Going ‘Large’: Another 5.90 Index Racer Running Stainless Hardware
Mike McGlothlin 78 319
The 5.90 Index category is fixing to grow again this summer, and we’re proud to be a part of David Large’s forced induction needs. His two-wheel drive third-gen, formerly piloted by Emilio Blanco, is fresh out of Herbie Henry’s paint booth and in t..
28 Jan Big Horsepower Is NOT A Prerequisite For Running A 5-Blade Turbo
Mike McGlothlin 1 217
Fact: You don’t have to be making big horsepower to be a Stainless customer. We have countless truck owners with our turbochargers under the hood. From daily drivers and work rigs to hot street setups and top-rank drag racers, our turbocharger line..
07 Jan Making A 7.3L A Contender With Our 5-Blade S480
Mike McGlothlin 1 524
Just because you don’t see a lot of high-horsepower 7.3L Power Strokes doesn’t mean they’re not out there. We had the pleasure of supplying Dawson Hendricks the 5-blade S480 he’s running on his 2000 Super Duty—a truck that he plans to make 850-rwhp..
11 Dec Kicking Gas and Taking Names: Mindy Jackson and the “Old Hustle, New Flow” Ford
Mike McGlothlin 0 986
After winning back-to-back ODSS Pro Street championships in his Cummins-powered first-gen Ford Lightning, Dustin Jackson turned the keys over to his wife, Mindy, the very next season. Her experience in drag racing up to that time? Zero. Nada. None...
17 Nov Timing Is Everything: Our Diesel Racing Roots Date Back to 2006
Mike McGlothlin 0 409
Inspiration is a powerful thing. With enough of it, it can alter the course of your hobbies, your passion, and even your life. Back in the summer of 2006, Stainless Diesel founder, Johnny Gilbert, found himself at Milan Dragway taking in a race san..
05 Nov Chain Smoker: A Compound Turbo’d, Cummins-Powered ’47 Fargo Rat-Rod
Mike McGlothlin 0 279
Every project needs a name—a befitting title that captures the vehicle’s common theme—and Warwick Andrews hit the nail on the head with his rat-rod pickup. Ingeniously coined “Chain Smoker,” his ’47 Fargo FL1 is powered by a P-pumped 12-valve and wr..
21 Oct C-Tane: A Cummins-Swapped C10 Like You’ve Never Seen
Mike McGlothlin 0 564
When friend and fellow TV personality, Ian Johnson, offered Kevin Tetz of Hands On Cars the ISV 5.0L Cummins V-8 taking up space in the corner of the shop, Kevin’s C10 project instantly became anything but a run-of-the-mill repower.Ian (pointing at t..
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