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01 Jun ODR Recap: A Hurt Engine, A Damaged Transmission—But Still In The 4’s
Mike McGlothlin 0 195
Transmission issues, a hurt engine, and a loss in round 1 of eliminations wasn’t exactly the storybook ending we were hoping for at Outlaw Diesel Revenge. Unfortunately, the cards simply weren’t in our favor at Lucas Oil Raceway. But despite the pr..
29 Apr Rudy’s Recap: Kicking Off 2021 With a Win in Pro Street
Mike McGlothlin 0 338
Starting the ODSS Pro Street points race right where we left off in 2020 proved a challenge at the season-opener, but the Stainless team hung tight and pulled together to take the win at Rudy’s Spring Truck Jam. The weather was inclement, the track w..
13 Nov Big-Time Exposure With PDRA & Our Continuing Hunt For 4.70s
Mike McGlothlin 0 292
For the second year in a row, some of the fastest diesels in the nation were invited to the PDRA World Finals. So far, these exhibition races have been a tremendous way to get compression ignition out in front of the masses. This time, the invit..
21 Sep 4.80s On Lock and Another Pro Street Title
Mike McGlothlin 0 527
Consecutive Pro Street points championships, a running joke that we’ve built a 4.8-second bracket truck, and an invite to race at the PDRA World Finals? Yeah, you could say we ended the 2020 season on a high-note. Despite a rainout at the Hardway..
04 Sep SDX 2020 Recap: Setting Records and Persevering
Mike McGlothlin 0 272
The Stainless Diesel second-gen is officially the undisputed king of speed in Pro Street, having recently set new ET and trap speed records at the Scheid Diesel Extravaganza. It all started on Thursday after ECM guru, John Gilbert III, spiked the t..
23 Aug Stainless Diesel's Winning History
urgirlamy 0 117
WINS 2020 - RTDS7WINS 2019 - SDX 1st Place Hollyrock 1st PlaceODR Firepunk - 1st PlaceRTDS6 - 1st PlaceRudy's Fall - 1st PlaceWINS 2018 -(gathering historical data)WINS 2017 - WINS 2016 - WINS 2015 - WINS 2014 - WINS 2013 - WINS 2012 - WINS 2011 - WI..
05 Aug RTDS7 Recap: A Record-Setting Weekend, Topped Off With a WIN
Mike McGlothlin 0 282
Not rain, not rain delays, not even a blown high-pressure fuel line and small fire could put a damper on our weekend at the Rocky Top Diesel Shootout. We walked away with a new Pro Street record, made two passes in the 4’s, and got the all-importan..
15 Jul Diesel World Drags, Round 2 Recap
Mike McGlothlin 0 348
Diesel World Drags, Round 2 Recap: Bottom 5’s Consistency & 150-MPH Trap SpeedsIt was another successful weekend for Stainless Diesel’s Pro Street race team. Not only did driver Johnny Gilbert string together consistent low 5-second passes in rout..
22 May The story of an event thru photography
urgirlamy 0 482
Ever find yourself looking thru a set of event photographs and find yourself 'feeling' the feel of being there, in the moment?  Since we are racers (Johnny), and we are pullers (Trevor) & we are diesel family - we have a different connection with the..
16 May DHD runs Triple 5 Blade Mafia turbos
urgirlamy 0 515
Dirty Hooker Diesel runs TRIPLE 5 Blade Mafia Turbos at the Ultimate Call Out Challenge 2018.  Need more information to complete post... See gallery here. ..
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