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About Us

When you want superior diesel products, you can depend on Stainless Diesel.

We are a family-owned business specializing in single / twin turbo piping kits, billet 5 Blade turbo upgrade compressor wheels, and personalized complete turbochargers. We make our living supplying the shops, tradesmen, and manufacturer's that keep the economy running.

Here at Stainless Diesel, we sell cutting-edge products that make power and will stand the test of time.  We are the original manufacturer of the Stainless exhaust manifolds for the Dodge Cummins. Want to move efficient air thru your turbo to match your power range goals - we have the Diesel Gods on our team!

With a zero percent failure rate, our Stainless manifolds are cast right here in the USA & machined in our shop! Based out of Northern Indiana we have multiple diesel shops throughout the USA that serves customers nationwide.

With an educated team of Racers, Pullers, Chassis Builders, Truckers, and enthusiasts -- all of our guys are well qualified on product installation to assist you with any questions, concerns, or choosing the correct setup to fit your needs.

Feel confident when choosing Stainless Diesel. Our winning history in drag racing and partnership with many diesel shops across the nation during new product fitment and ease of installation keeps us #1. It’s not our job, it’s our passion!

If at any time browsing our site you have a question or can't find what you're looking for Contact Us Here and we'll be glad to help you out. (We promise one of our own employees will contact you, not some call center overseas!)