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HOT Street Twin Kit 03-07 5.9

HOT Street Twin Kit 03-07 5.9
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Price: $4,999.00
Availability: In Stock
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Stainless Diesel's COMPLETE Twin/Compound Turbo Kits for 03-07 5.9 Dodge Diesels. Drastically lower your EGT's with outstanding efficiency and driveability. This is the only way to get the best of both worlds -- great spool-up, & all the top-end power that you can handle!!!

Stainless Diesel Twin/Compound turbo Piping  kits can be personalized for your ride based on turbo choices. Our high quality/ MADE IN THE USA complete compound turbo kits come with everything you need for installation on your ride. Get rid of your 'laggy' 'smoky' 'inefficent' big single turbo & upgrade to a fast spooling bottom-end high torque monster with up to 1000+hp capability.  Significantly increase your airflow. "Truely the best of both worlds." 

Our COMPLETE 3G kits are built WITH S363/68/14 wastegated turbo. S480 T6 turbo. This set-up is good for 700-800hp range with the 'cast' compressor wheels. The Optional Billet wheel upgrade = faster spool up, better EGT control, and 900hp capability.

Kits are built for S300 wastegated /S400 T6 turbos Just add Turbos and Go . We have  literally hundreds of turbo options available. *Cast Wheels / Billet Wheels / 5 Blade turbo line / BatMoWheels......  the list goes on & on...

Stainless Diesel 2G Compound Turbo Piping Kits are built with HIGH STRENGTH CNC'd flanges & aluminized mild steel piping, Tig welded and High quality Powder Coat if color option desired. Unlike some competitors who use rubber hose & plastic pipes - our twin kits are strong enough for 100lbs+ of boost anytime for many years! Our kits are known in the industry to be one of the best in fitment, as All kits are built off of an engine exact jig! All boots included are our very own 5layer extreme duty boots!

Included in this kit:

  • Cast 63/68/14 Turbo with Billet spring gate
  • Cast 80/96/1.32 Turbo
  • 5x12 High Flow S&B Airfilter w/ power cone
  • Braided Stainless Steel High Temp Oil Supply Lines
  • Oil supply line fittings
  • Oil drain lines
  • Oil drain gaskets
  • Optional Spring waste gate actuator for your S300
  • Turbo Studs
  • Turbo Mounting Nuts
  • V-Band Clamps
  • High Torque T-Bolt Clamps
  • 3" Bead-rolled Intercoolers Pipe
  • 3.5" 1pc. Cold Pipe w/ O-ring flange & bead rolled for maximum boot retention.  Also includes 1/8" NPT port (For easy boost reference).
  • 5" Air Cleaner Pipe
  • 5" Silicon boot for airfilter pipe w/ clamps
  • 3.5" - 4" Silicone reducer w/ T-bolt clamps
  • Optional 4" or 5" Down Pipe
  • Hot Pipe utilizing our Short stretch technology, Heat insulated, CNC'd flanges for maximum Heat retention.
  • S400 High Strength Turbo mounting bracket
  • CNC'd T-3 1" Spacer
  • Water Relocation line w/ fittings
  • High Quality Powder Coat with personalized color Options
  • Installation instruction packet w/ pictures & drink koozie :)
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HOT Street Twin Kit 03-07 5.9
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HOT Street Twin Kit 03-07 5.9
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HOT Street Twin Kit 03-07 5.9
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HOT Street Twin Kit 03-07 5.9
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HOT Street Twin Kit 03-07 5.9
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HOT Street Twin Kit 03-07 5.9
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