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Prefilter Wrap - Blue

Prefilter Wrap - Blue
Prefilter Wrap - Blue
Prefilter Wrap - Blue
Prefilter Wrap - Blue
Prefilter Wrap - Blue
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  • Model: SD-PFUFR1296-B
  • Weight: 1.00lb
  • Dimensions: 4.00in x 4.00in x 6.00in
  • SKU: PFUFR1296-B
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Extend the life of your Cleanable or Dry filter with a custom Stainless Diesel filter wrap. This filter wraps provide an extra layer of protection and shield your air filter from the majority of dust and dirt particles that stick to your filter, compromising performance. Every Stainless Diesel filter wrap installs in seconds. Just slide the filter wrap over the air filter and you're done.

  • Fits our 5.00" x 12.00" oiled or dry filters only

A filter wrap does increase the restriction by about 3-5% versus a clean filter without a wrap; however, you will more than make this up under real-world conditions, as the filter wrap will improve the airflow over the life of the filter by keeping out the larger particles, bugs etc. The filter wrap does need to be cleaned periodically as it accumulates dirt by simply rinsing it out with warm water and dish soap.

Using a cleanable filter, the filter wrap will make the filter much easier to maintain as well, and the cleaner the filter is the better it will flow.

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