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6.7 Water Relocation Line Kit

6.7 Water relocation Kit. This line reroutes the heater core water line.  When removing the stock turbo & adding an aftermarket turbocharger.  This kit is utilized to reroute the factory waterline. Includes a 6.7 water block off plug (installs in the side of the engine block) to block off the passage that was feeding the OEM VGT turbo coolant. Crank case ventilation is provided, as well as the automatic transmission dipstick support bracket.  This kit addresses your needs for relocating the waterline & eliminating the factory components when doing a performance turbo/ manifold upgrade.  These components are also included in with our Single Swap Kits.  (see extra pictures for install photos)

NOTE: 2013-16 Kit will require you to shorten the line length a bit yourself upon install. 

NOTE: 2013-14 have a slightly different location than the 2015-2016 models. These models will require you to mock up & cut the factory water line at the oil filter location above the water supply line that goes to the fire wall water tank.

NOTE: 2007.5 - 2012 trucks with the "auxilary transmission cooler" option --- takes additional components for installation.  Please call for more information.

  • fits 2007.5 - 2016 Dodge Cummins
  • 3rd Gen
  • 4th Gen
  • works for single or twin kits


  • Waterline
  • Silicone adapter with clamps
  • 6.7 water block off plug with sealing gasket
  • 1/2" NPT Brass Plug
  • 6.7 dipstick bracket for transmission
  • crank case ventilation hose / clamp kit

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