The 5.90 Index category is fixing to grow again this summer, and we’re proud to be a part of David Large’s forced induction needs. His two-wheel drive third-gen, formerly piloted by Emilio Blanco, is fresh out of Herbie Henry’s paint booth and in the process of being buttoned up for testing. Already having run 5.40s in Pro Street, turning things down to run 5.90’s should be a cinch with a chassis that hooks as good as this one—and backing off the horsepower to run a consistent number will only improve the engine and transmission’s longevity.

Speaking of the engine, a dry block, common-rail 6.8L Cummins from Freedom Racing Engines will power David’s ’05 Ram 1500 down the track. An S&S Diesel Motorsport fuel system consisting of 400-percent over injectors and a 14mm CP3 brings more than 1,300 hp worth of potential to the equation (although we suspect nitrous may be involved, too). Boost production will come courtesy of a Stainless S485, our “Godfather” charger that packs a billet, 5-blade 85mm compressor wheel, a 96mm turbine, and a 1.32 A/R exhaust housing with a T-6 turbine inlet. Our Competition T-6 24-valve exhaust manifold, with its full-length 1.650-inch ports, will play a key role in the engine’s horsepower and the S485’s ability to light quickly.

Like many two-wheel drive diesel drag racers these days (as well as our 4x4 Pro Street truck), David’s 5.90 Dodge will sport a TH400 transmission. His Turbo 400 comes from Rossler Transmissions and employs a SunCoast Pro-Loc billet lockup converter. Once Dylan Moon of Full Moon Diesel puts the finishing touches on his bright red third-gen, David plans to top off the crankcase with Hot Shot’s Secret oil, hit the track for testing, have HardwayPerformance dial-in the ECM, and set out to tour the 2021 ODSS circuit. If you haven’t seen the 5.90 Index class in action, this is the year to get acquainted with one of diesel drag racing’s fastest-growing categories.

Fun Fact: David also owns a dyno-proven, 1,656hp third-gen flat-bed dually—and his wife plans to race 6.70 Index with it this year!