You don’t exactly need to sell Gecovey Coffman on our turbochargers. The owner of Coffman Customs has relied on 5-blade units in more than 10 different single, compound and triple-turbo arrangements over the years on his personal trucks, and he swears by them for his customers, too. “I run all 5-blades on everything because they’re proven and what I trust,” Gecovey tells us. “They work. They perform. And I’ve never had a 5-blade blow up on me—even after being put through stupid amounts of abuse.” Currently, Gecovey has three track-ready ’06 Dodge Rams in his fleet, each of which sports a compound system with two 5-blade turbos in the mix.

The most extreme example in Gecovey’s stable was built to compete in Pro Street, and bears the nickname “Goose.” Boasting an Enforcerengine from D&J Precision Machine (a deck-plated 6.7L Cummins equipped with D&J’s Stage 3 ported head), S&S Diesel Motorsport twin 12mm stroker CP3’s and 350-percent over injectors, and a Stage 5 Coffman Customs 48RE with a triple-disc RevMax converter and high-pressure valve body, it’s pretty serious. Try 8-second serious. For turbos, he runs a 5-blade, 94mm GT55 as the atmosphere charger, and the S485 Godfather on our Competition T-6 exhaustmanifold.

It may come as a surprise to some, but Gecovey can bring the sizeable turbo combination up on boost in less than 4-seconds, and that’s without the aid of the spool jet he has at his disposal. “The Stage 3 head and cam combo plays well with these chargers,” he went on. “Within 3-4 seconds I’m fully staged on fuel.” Although conservatively tuned for the time being, the S485/GT55 duo still produces an effortless 100-psi of boost at full-tilt. Gecovey expects Goose to be in 2,000hp territory on fuel, and 2,200 hp on a small shot of spray.

So what does Gecovey plan to do with his 2,000-plus horsepower? Going into the 2020 season, he made it a goal to get an 8-second timeslip, but then coronavirus hit and everything shut down. However, now that tracks are back open and there is plenty of warm weather left, Gecovey believes there may still be enough time to get the truck where he wants it to be. As for 2021, he plans to bring Goose to select ODSS races, and is also kicking around the idea of putting a truck in both U.C.C. and King of the Street.