Big single, plenty of fuel, 48RE swap, and 1,013 hp at the wheels... Chicagoland has no idea what just hit it every time Paul Szczypta pulls the cover off his ’12 Mega Cab for a fair-weather cruise. “I wanted a fun street truck,” he told us. “Something I could show up to the show ‘n shine with, pop the hood, and put on the rollers.” With a four-digit dyno sheet, plenty of under-hood bling, and customized 24x12 ‘Forces, we’d say Paul pulled it off. Wherever his fourth-gen goes—whether it’s being swooned over or turning out huge horsepower—it turns heads.

For a quick-lighting and highly drivable charger with solid street manners, Paul went with our 5-blade S475 T-4 unit in conjunction with a ’10.5-’12Stainless 2nd Generation style turbo piping kit. Paul’s decision to step up to the larger and higher-flowing 87mm turbine wheel helps in the horsepower-making department, while a tighter 1.00 A/R exhaust housing keeps the 5-blade charger responsive at lower engine speeds. As someone who’s run a smaller single S400 and then an S366/S480 compound arrangement in the past, Paul tells us the S475 drives exceptionally well on the street. “Between a 600, 800 and 1,000hp truck they all drive the same if you drive like a normal person.”

Believe it or not, a 6.7L Cummins with a bone-stock bottom end has survived all of Paul’s horsepower shenanigans so far (and 1,775 lb-ft of grunt in its current trim). Not even the head was pulled when the ARP Custom Age 625+ head studs went in one at a time, or when the 103-lb Hamilton valve springs were installed prior to one of our billet valve covers. For fuel, a Fleece Performance Engineering dual CP3 system, in which a PowerFlo 750 is matched with a stock 6.7L pump, supports a set of 200-percent over injectorsfrom S&S Diesel Motorsports. A flawless 48RE swap, with a host of Suncoastparts and a PCS 2800 stand-alone controller, was pulled off by the folks at Wilson Patterson Diesel, while Hardway Performance ties everything together in the ECM.

We’re not the only ones shining a light on Paul’s immaculate, daily-drivable Mega Cab…You can check out the May, 2021 issue ofDiesel World Magazine for more info!