Just Say NO to .90

Posted by urgirlamy 12/27/2018 2 Comment(s)

Just Say NO to .90 A/R exhaust housings on 6.7 Cummins....
and also, why not to put the 87mm turbine wheel option on a 467.7 sized turbo.

On our chassis dyno - a 6.7 Cummins with 100% overs and a 10mm CP3 with a 5Blade 468 / 83 / T-4 1.00 we see 750 to 800 range of power.  This size charger is a 95 to 100 pound a minute turbo (glow tested withaT04 1.10 A/R exhaust housing).

On the car, 10 pounds per minute equals 100 hp of capability as a rule of thumb.

In the diesel application, from what we have experienced; it's closer to 10.5 to 11 lbs. per 100 hp on a diesel (depending on the builds efficiency).

15% for drive train losses.  The math says you will be about right at 770 to 800 hoursepower at the tire max effort.  Keep in mind, some dyno calibrations are a bit more generious 


2 Comment(s)

02/27/2019, 02:42:57 PM

Doesn’t say why no .90. But I know it’s just too small for a 6.7 but why not the 87 wheel?

Anthony Turner:
09/22/2019, 06:22:33 PM

I'm also wondering why not the 87 wheel? It was recommended to me by a shop that I will not name that I should do the .90 on my s465 turbo and now as of today and this comment I just ordered a 1.0ar after putting almost 50k miles on the truck. Some rough, most easy daily driving with nothing over 45lbs boost. Most days I dont even go over 25lbs.

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