Running SXE366 and Hate it!

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Currently running SXE366/80/1.0 on my 16 6.7 Cummins and I hate it. My truck has 165 FASS, 2000 studs, 10mm pump and 90 hp nozzles.
My tuner is trying to talk me into a 475/87, but I do a ton of driving, no towing and I’m worried it will be very difficult to get lit. I thought (in my very novice opinion) that a 468 might me a more streetable option and still get me where I want to be.
Can you make a strong recommendation for me?
Looking to go to 80% overs and hoping the 10mm pump will make the advertised 750-800 hp but I need more, efficient air before anything else.
Thank you -


The 467.7/83/t-4 1.0 will be good the 650 to 750 range power at the tires . The largest size I would recommend  for you is 72/87/t-4 1.0. 
On a 6.7, drivability will be very nice with either one of these sizes.

72 size will give you a larger performance game compared to where you’re currently at .  We generally recommend transmission tuning to extend shift RPMs up a a few 100 rpms higher when using as 400 turbo chargers. 

Let me know if you have any further questions

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